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Catalina Cruz

Posted on: May 7th, 2020

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Few individual pornstars have embraced the wonders of virtual reality quite like Catalina Cruz. This big tit diva started her XXX career in 2007 and very early on she was recognized by the industry as a leading and influential web starlet. Fast forward to today and Catalina has entered the fray alongside other major players in adult VR. On her website, an assortment of VR sex videos is available to download in addition to the other video and image content made available across different pages.   

Overall VR Experience

While scenes found at this site fall a bit behind in technical showmanship versus other big VR brands, true fans of Catalina Cruz will appreciate the focus on their favorite busty sex star. Unlike many of the other notable VR adult sites out there, you won’t really get a sample or trailers showing you what Catrina can do in virtual reality. You get a sense of the production for the main home page so you can catch a glimpse of her in 180-degree, 3D glory.

In addition to the virtual reality productions, Catalina Cruz also has a fine selection of candid and exclusive photos, links to Catalina over social media and video productions showcasing some of her best work. While her site is not specifically geared towards viewing virtual reality porn videos, the addition of the content is a sign of the times. As more and more performers see what VR can do as a medium for the world of porn, more will make the dive into more immersive performances. 

Technical Details

As with most leading VR brands and adult content creators, these virtual porn scenes are shot in 180 degrees. Downloadable and ready to play for a variety of VR headsets, files are reasonably sized and easy to manage if you’re playing off your PC, sideloading from a media server or playing directly on your headset provided you have space.

Star Power/Release Schedule

As for star power at Catalina Cruz, that should be evident as the site is devoted to a legend in the industry. What differs here is the difference in scenarios you can experience and the focus on variety switches to male performers at the site. There are also threesome scenes with two male performers with Catalina in the middle of the action. This type of MMF scenario can often be rare in the collections of leading VR producers. The release schedule isn’t as aggressive as others in the space, but the focus here is on exclusivity.  

Available Platforms

You are free to view Catalina Cruz virtual sex videos on your Oculus, Valve, VIVE, Cardboard or Windows Mixed Reality headsets. 

Is Catalina Cruz for You?

We couldn’t recommend this site for those new to virtual reality or those looking for an introduction into the medium, but the site does provide new and exciting content for all the genuine Catalina Cruz fans out there. If you’re looking for a way to add to your existing library of VR porn videos, and have a love for Catalina this may just be an interesting option for you. The standard monthly subscription fee is $29.99 a month and that comes complete with access to Catalina’s Snapchat. There are also non-recurring three-month and six-month plans that drop the price further and watch out for regular deals as well.

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