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Posted on: May 7th, 2020

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Say hello to Sex Babes VR, an adult virtual reality brand that features more European sex stars, International performers and webcam personalities with a few rare exceptions. This exclusive VR video collection includes much of the hardcore one-on-one experiences you’ve come to expect plus a few have fun dynamic elements and opening sequences too. With a relatively simple layout and array of options, Sex Babes VR is also priced very reasonably and helps fill a need for moderately-priced premium VR sex.

Overall VR Experience

The production crews aat Sex Babes VR do a decent job in maintaining light balance and they usually keep the action contained to a clean, reasonably sized location. Some more dynamic scenes tend to get a little fuzz at times but these instances are more a rarity than the norm. Most of the productions are recorded indoors but the occasional scene outside does give audiences an extra special treat at times.

An impressive selection of VR sex scenarios are available in the Sex Babes Library. Most narratives involve one-on-one sex from the perspective of the male talent, but there are a few threesome and foursome swap scenes too. Short trailers on their tour give viewers a taste of the 180-degree action. Opposed to many other major players in adult VR, the scenes available here tend to have shorter runtimes and are often a more manageable 25 minutes to under 40 minutes in length. 

Overall, virtual porn titles at Sex Babes VR are easy to navigate and access. Listings for pornstars or VR performers as well as handy sorting options for the scenes themselves help target what you want. The girls themselves all share very similar qualities and are absolutely gorgeous.

Technical Details

As with many similar VR content creators, the Sex Babes VR streaming service depends on the SLR or Sex Like Real interface. DeoVR will also work but as a contributor to the SLR network, the playback is very similar to other producers at this level. Downloadable and streaming options are available. 

Star Power/Release Schedule

The star power available at Sex Babes VR is debatable. Not necessarily known for casting XXX superstars, they do often feature some notable performers and there is definitely some quallity assurance going on. WHile you may not recognize many of the beauties featured in these videos, it won’t take away from the enjoyment. Earliest releases date as far back as September of 2016 and due to the nature of their productions, Sex Babes VR can crank out at least two new scenes per week.

Available Platforms

As with the other brands that work closely with the SLR system, both streaming and downloadable options are ready for most major headsets. This includes Oculus headsets, Valve, VIVE, PlayStation VR, Cardboard and Windows Mixed Reailty.

Is Sex Babes VR a Winner? 

The women features on Sex Babes VR are exclusive and very hot. This is probably the primary selling point along with a very reasonable price. The relatively short scenes allow them to produce more content for less and for those exploring VR porn for the first time, this is a good option. Monthly access at Sex Babes VR is priced at $9.95 but three-month and twelve-month plans reduce the price to about $8.65 and $5.00 a month respectively. Check them out for yourself today.

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