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Posted on: May 7th, 2020

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Unlike many of the top adult studios currently producing VR porn, Sex Like Real acts more like an iTunes store for VR sex and features content from multiple partners. This system of distributing and displaying top-quality porn from a variety of sites brings an astounding amount of VR scenarios together in one place. Many top VR porn creators like the other brands we review here share some of their best scenes via the Sex Like Real network. A dedicated video player compatible with all leading headsets and their exclusive SLR App provides a seamless and immersive way to explore their collection. 

Overall VR Experience

The folks at Sex Like Real help make VR porn more accessible with a simple interface and user-friendly features. Right away, you can get a sense of the scope of the SLR library as new and featured content is highlighted intuitively. A wide range of categories is available to help sort through the hardcore, group and solo performer scenes and Western audiences can toggle JAV or Japanese VR sex on or off with ease. 

Pornstar listings and VR live cam options give viewers more selection and new ways to enjoy their favorite XXX personalities and webcam models. The video player itself boasts some robust features and useful functionality. Users are free to optimize video resolution, format and fine-tune elements like tilt and zoom for even greater control. As one of the pioneers of dedicated VR video players for adult, the SLR player has emerged as a reliable workhorse within the VR loving community. With options to utilize their player for non-adult or SFW content on your device as well, Sex Like Real continues to contribute to the medium. 

Technical Details

The Sex Like Real system is built on a strong technical backbone with solid reliablity. You’ll notice at the onset, you can filter searches for a variety of video resolutions including 5K, 90 fps, 120 fps, and more. The SLR library also includes interactive sex scenes that sync to leading teledildonics devices from leaders like Fleshlight, Kiiro, among others. There’s a feeling of consistency from scene to scene as Sex Like Real applies time-tested standards for all content partners. 

Star Power/Release Schedule

There’s always something new to see at Sex Like Real. Because multiple sources fuel this collection, the release schedule is dependant on other brands and VR sex creators. That being said, you can almost guarantee something new each and every day while some days feature multiple scenes to be showcased. There’s a mix between well-known XXX performers, hardcore newbies and relative unknowns. Viewers will also see a fair number of European sex performers as they explore the depths of the SLR video lists.

Available Platforms

The VR sex videos found at Sex Like Real are optimized to work with all leading VR headsets. This includes; Oculus, Valve, Vive, Cardboard, Gear VR, PSVR and Mixed Reality headsets too. The SLR player and app is compatible with Smartphones, tablets, etc as well.

Is Sex Like Real all that Real?

Due to the nature of Sex Like Real and the fact they use multiple sources to fill their pages, they provide a fantastic variety of VR sex videos. This is a great option for those who are still exploring what VR categories match their tastes or for users who are looking for a greater degree of variety under one roof. With unique VR solo productions, one-on-one sex and even VR gangbangs with leading stars, SLR is worth a look. Those interested in what Sex Like Real has to offer can purchase monthly recurring access for $29.99 a month or get one-time monthly access for a $37.99 one-time fee. There’s also a life-time membership option for $699.99.

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