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Posted on: April 7th, 2020

Rating: 92% From 171 votes.

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Add a distinctive edge to your VR sex and discover the naughty, kinky and often controversial collection of VR porn at VirtualTaboo. With a dedication to viewers with more discerning tastes, VirtualTaboo burst on the scene in late 2015 and since then, they produced some very memorable moments in virtual reality. Here you’ll see many fresh faces, European models and a few notable XXX personalities engaged in taboo group sex, one-on-one play, solo masturbation and mode.

Overall VR Experience

While many of the locations and sets used in VirtualTaboo videos can get a little repetitive and mundane, they focus on the scenario between the performers and often tread where other VR porn producers will not. Virtual productions here can feature kinky Stepmom or Stepsister scenarios, encounters with more aggressive tones, lesbian sex and more. Videos are organized in an intuitive way and it is easy to find VR releases featuring a specific performer. 

In the 180-degree VR productions we viewed for our review, the action was mainly restricted to a single position, while some scenes would transition around the room to capture a range of positions. The lighting for a majority of titles were well balanced and the audio was rich and satisfying overall. Special encounters with XXX personalities like the Zee Twins and other kinky scenarios like ‘Oh No, Wrong Hole’ gives a greater sense of variety.

Technical Detail

As with other VR porn brands of this calibre, VirtualTaboo offers downloadable options for all leading VR headsets plus unlimited streaming. Many recent releases boast 5K, 6K and even 7K resolution options while the bulk of the VirtualTaboo archive is simply designated as 60FPS. Binaural audio gives an added sense of realism. 

Star Power/Release Schedule

Producers at VirtualTaboo have recently increased their schedule and recent months have brought fans up to three releases per week. Our review across their library showed they never dipped under two releases per week so there are always new kinks to enjoy in VR. Star power is where VirtualTaboo can often take a backseat to other adult VR brands. While there are a handful of well-known starlets like the Zee Twins, Alex Harper and more, you’ll more likely encounter sexy European models and the odd webcam personality too. 

Available Platforms

VirtualTaboo strives to stay current with new hardware and neck in neck with other leaders in the space. VR porn videos here are produced to work with Oculus headsets, Valve, Vive, Daydream, Cardboard, Gear VR, PSVR and Windows Mixed Reality. 

Is VirtualTaboo Hardcore Enough?

The 180-degree VR content at VirtualTaboo might not be for everyone, but they do offer an assortment of price packages designed to appeal to a wider audience. There’s an option to enjoy a single scene for $9.99, get standard monthly access for $29.99, a yearly package that works out to under $8.50 a month or a lifetime pass for a $250 flat fee. Depending on your particular tastes and preferences, this collection might just have the hardcore edge you’re looking for.

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